Getting Spielberg With Your Small Business: An Intro to Video Marketing

As the technology in today’s fast-paced market develops, the importance of capitalising on the ever-increasing tech curve as a means of promoting your business becomes more immediate by the day, and one of the most effective modes of this is through video.

Nowadays, you don’t even need to buy a video recorder – you’d actually struggle to find something somewhere that someone hasn’t tried to stick a camera onto. Your smartphone, laptop, tablet, whatever it might be, with features such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Snapchat and Periscope at your disposal, it has never been easier to use video as a promotional tool for your business.

And the best bit is that this medium works for pretty much any industry or niche. There’s a lot of untapped potential in the market, so, with some discipline and good old fashioned will power, there’s no reason why your business can’t take advantage of quality videos to market your business.

Here are a few tips on how to do so.


Start Strong

Video will only work if it connects with people. That means you have to be engaging and the content has to be interesting – no one’s expecting Marlon Brando, but if you have someone that’s confident in front of a camera, then use them.

The same goes for your product or service. If it’s visual, then it’s got to go in your video. Like 80’s American infomercials for contraptions that give you a rippling 6-pack in less than 10 minutes and knife sets that can cut through raw steel, showing viewers your product in action goes a long way.


Consider Your Options

Given the multitude of platforms at your fingertips, you have to take a moment to sit down and think “which will work best for my customers?” Although video is the basis of all these platforms, they each function in ways unique from one another, and this has impacts on whether or not your business is reaching it’s video marketing potential.

According to Ramon Ray, publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine, you need to keep clear goals in mind – think frequency, relevance, engagement and analytics. Are your videos getting the response you want? Would a 15 minute YouTube video or a short Snapchat clip suit me best? What platform are my potential customers most likely to use?

Remember, consistency is a key part of this as well. Arrange weekly or monthly editions, whatever you feel suits your audience best. Just make sure you have a strategy that is going to have a tangible and positive impact on your business, before taking a stab in the dark.


Create the Right Content

Your video has got to embody what your business is all about and speak to your audience at the same time. Think about how you are branding yourself, are you giving off the impression you would like to your audience and are they enjoying it?

Depending on your industry, product or service, your audience may be up for a dash of humour and a more lighthearted approach or, inversely, they may be serious types that just want the facts. Either way, your video has to be informative – potential customers need to be entertained, but your content needs to reflect your image and the benefits of your business as well.

This all works toward growing your brand’s credibility. Get your content right and your audience will remember you in the future.


Spice it Up

Time and again the reason people give for not utilising video for their business is that they feel their content lacks the excitement to translate well onto videos. But that’s a bit of a cop-out in my humble opinion. If there is such a thing as a ‘boring industry’ then, regardless, it can be very easily made unboring with a little creativity here and there.

Say you’re a locksmith. You may not think of locksmithing as the most riveting business around, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make an engaging video about the industry. You could dissect different locks and show viewers how they function or do an edition on the basics of lock picking; anything that involves taking an area of your business and putting an intriguing spin on it.


Must. Generate. Leads

If your videos aren’t generating inbound leads, then it’s time to mix it up. It could be that the content isn’t quite cutting it for your viewers, that your audience aren’t being prompted to engage with your business properly, or that you aren’t using the features at your disposal to their full potential.

Make sure you are directing people to your website, newsletter, channel, social media etc. at the end of every video, ask them to subscribe, like or download an ebook if they want to learn more, this will naturally draw people in and make them more likely to transact with you.

YouTube is unmatched in this respect. As your content will permanently sit there until it is taken down, you could have people stumbling across your videos for years after you’ve uploaded them. Nevertheless, you should try and combine two or more platforms to work synchronously with one another – use Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Live to grab people’s attention, generate excitement through Q&As, discussions and short clips. From this basis it will be easier to prompt your audience to explore your business in further detail.


What Next?

If you’re late to jump on the video bandwagon, then there’s no better time to start than now. If you get your strategy down, the content right and use the platforms at your disposal to their full potential, then video could be the most effective method of promoting your small business in 2018.


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